Safety Information

Eton Wick Village Hall

Fire Precautions

Hirer Responsibilities:

All hirers should make themselves familiar with the layout of the hall, locations of fire exits and actions to be taken in event of an emergency.

Each party should ensure there is a nominated person, responsible for taking a roll call in the event of an evacuation and identified as the Fire Warden. The nominee must keep a regular check on the occupancy numbers and persons throughout the hiring period.

Any disabled person must be accompanied by their individual carer.

For large functions, a door duty attendant is required to prevent unauthorised access through the front door.

Only electrical equipment may be brought in and used in the hall with the permission of the Village Hall Management. Please check with the Secretary at time of making your booking.

The Village Hall is designated a No Smoking Building.

Please do not use dry ice, as it will trigger the smoke alarms.

Fire Alarm

A DDA compliant fire alarm has been installed throughout the Village Hall.
Smoke and heart detectors are located within all main rooms and entry/exit routes.
Visible strobe and audible alarms are placed throughout the property to assist the visual and audibly impaired.
Break Glass call points are located:
Ground floor lobby - left hand side of the ground floor main exit doors
First Floor rear lobby – right hand side of fire exit door
First floor landing – right hand side at top of stairs.

In event of fire, the alarm will activate and call the brigade automatically. Please exit the building immediately.

Fire Fighting Appliances

Fire Extinguishers (complete with photoluminescent operational signs) are located throughout the Village Hall. A fire blanket is located in the kitchen. Please see the plan for location of all appliances and familiarise with their operation.
Extinguishers are only to be used in event your exit is hindered by fire. DO NOT attempt to fight a fire, activate the fire alarm and exit the building immediately.

Fire Exits

The fire exits are clearly marked on the fire plan. Emergency exit can be made via the main entrance stairs or via the fire escape to the rear of the building.
Under no circumstances should the lift be used in event of fire
If a member of your party is unable to exit using the stairs, escort the person to the first floor landing at the front of the building. Stay with the person and ensure another member of your party knows you will be waiting in this area for brigade rescue.
Ensure the doors to the Main Hall and Small Hall are closed.

Assembly Point

The hirer should be familiar with the assembly point at the entrance to the car park on right hand side of building (next to Football Club car park) and advise everyone in the hall that, in the event of a fire, they should evacuate the building immediately and meet at the designated assembly point.
Wait at the Assembly Point for the emergency services. Do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.

Public Telephone

The nearest telephone to the hall is the public kiosk opposite the entrance between the Eton Wick Road and slip road. Should you need to call the emergency services, dial 999 and confirm the address as:

Eton Wick Village Hall,
Eton Wick Road,
Eton Wick,
SL4 6LT.

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